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ParkUSA’s PumpTrooper®, a submersible pump lift station, is a reliable and cost-effective solution to prevent flooding by receiving and moving stormwater and/or sanitary wastewater to designated locations. Generally, a lift station is used to temporally transfer liquid that cannot flow by gravity on its own. This centrifugal pump system is powered by a close-coupled electric motor. The pumps operate quietly and are cooled by the moving liquid to maximize their lifespan.

Most pump stations are designed for multiple pump installations. The duplex system is the most common where the two pumps alternate in operation to equalize the wear of the pumps and to keep the wet well from solids build-up. The multiple pump system offers continued operation in the case of a pump failure, removal for servicing, and also provides extra capacity in times of extraordinary loading. 


  • A market leader in packaged grinder pump systems 
  • 2 HP through 15 HP grinder pumps with lifts to 260 feet and flows to 190 GPM 
  • Offered as complete turnkey systems or engineered to project specifications 
  • Computer system design and selection programs available for design assistance 
  • Explosion-proof construction available  

In order to size a Lift Station unit, three main factors must be considered:

Pump Selection:

The operation point of the pump must be calculated, this variable is directly related to total dynamic head and volume capacity. There are several charts available to estimate this variable.

Wet Well Sizing:

Once the proper pump has been selected we are able to determine what type and size of wet well is needed. There are two types of wet well that ParkUSA uses for lift stations, round and rectangular. Round wells have the benefit of reduced material costs as well as strength properties. A wet well for a submersible pump is generally located below grade. Buried wet wells require strength and corrosion resistance making precast concrete the primary choice. For wet wells above grade, steel and fiberglass are the recommended material. To summarize when determining the size of the wet well, we must find the minimum storage volume. Flow rate and retention time are basic variables to do this calculation.

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