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Marsh Basin

The Marsh BasinTM is a wetland biofiltration product designed to remove pollutants, TSS, heavy metals, nutrients, hydrocarbons, and sediments. It provides a green cover to urban areas, from small towns to high developed cities. Wetlands contribute to the development of green areas where vegetation is scarce. Besides the water quality treatment on pollutants removal, the wetland is also a green infrastructure which provides aesthetic assets proper of these types of products. All These make the wetland a good way to enhance not only water quality, but also the aesthetic characteristics on any project.

At the end, the product most important function is to provide water purification, flood control, and land stability. This unit shows useful stormwater applications for a wide range of projects, such as: 

  • Commercial (green areas, gardens, parks): vegetation replacement is always a necessity for projects in green areas, as well as to keep gardens and parks vegetation. The wetland unit presents a good combination of space management and treatment.
  • Residential: the wetland unit versatility provides several configurations for any residential project. Working as low impact development unit, it improves compliance with the several construction codes established.
  • Industrial: the unit helps to comply with discharge regulations present on each state, meeting EPA top levels on dissolved metals, nutrients, sentiments, and other pollutants.
  • Parking lots, streets, and transportation projects: space management that comes with wetland units provide a great advantage for jobsites where the space available is limited. Maximizing space is important for any parking lot, streets, or transportation projects.

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Sizing for the Marsh Basin depends directly on the flow rate or the annual rainfall intensity to be treated and on jobsite land configuration. Annual rainfall intensity is widely available for most locations. The below Table 1 shows the current models available.

Model Dimensions (WxL) (feet) Flow Rate (GPM)
MB-50 5 x 8 50
MB-60 5 x 13 60
MB-70 5 x 15 70
MB-90 5 x 17 90
MB-100 5 x 19 100
MB-120 5 x 21 120

The Marsh Basin follows the process design of a stormwater unit. Its configuration depends mainly on storm water runoff flow rate. Hence, the model needed will be related to rainfall intensity (treated intensity factor “I”), effective area (A), and runoff coefficient (C), this with the equation:

Q = C x I x A

A calculation tool for the Flowrate GPM is available. Click on "Stormwater Quality" and select the tab "Sample SWQMPs".

The marsh basin presents the following components:

  • Concrete box, divided in pre-filtration chamber, main filtration chamber, and outflow chamber
  • Filtration cartridge
  • Engineered media
  • Stainless-steel baster
  • Selected vegetation

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