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Reclaim Water

Rainwater Harvest System

Conservation of rainwater is becoming critical in some parts of the United States because cities occasionally run low on water now and almost certainly will face shortfalls in a few years. This is particularly true if the change in global weather patterns substantially alters rainfall amounts in areas of the U.S. Three Texas cities (Houston, Fort Worth, and San Antonio) are listed in a 24/7 Wall Street article amongst The Ten Biggest American Cities That Are Running Out Of Water.

Commercial rainwater harvesting applications include schools, hospitals, shopping centers, government buildings, office buildings, factories and warehouses, farms and garden centers. Harvested rainwater is used in laundries, mechanical systems, custodial uses, site irrigation and for bathing water. Toilets and urinals consume as much as 40% - 60% of water purchased for a typical office building. By supplementing or eliminating this wasteful use of potable water, “green” buildings not only reduce their municipal water bills, but also contribute to conserving a valuable, limited resource in our environment. Since rainwater is collected using existing structures, i.e., the roof and/or parking areas, rainwater harvesting has few negative environmental impacts.


  • Pre-Engineered From 250 to 10,000 Gallons or More
  • Precast Concrete, Polyethylene, Fiberglass or Steel Construction
  • Above or Below Grade Installation
  • Pedestrian or Traffic Rated
  • Remote Maintenance Alarm
  • Floating Suction Screen
  • Makeup Water
  • Inlet/Outlet/Vent Connections
  • Calmed inlet
  • Overflow siphon


  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centers
  • Government buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Farm and garden center irritation

System Comonents

  • Dry pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Pump controller
  • Stainless steel floating filter
  • Overflow siphon valve


High Quality Precast Concrete rainwater storage tanks for underground installation in almost every size. The tanks are especially developed for storing rainwater and are equipped with all necessary features to provide good water quality and require minimal maintenance. Precast Concrete are suitable for commercial applications provide for heavy traffic durability and anti-floatation protection. The concrete model is an ideal choice for underground water storage.

Rainwater storage tanks constructed of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or Fiberglass are available for underground installation in every size from 300 to 20,000 gallons. The tank is especially designed for storing rainwater and is equipped with everything that is necessary to achieve a good water quality and keeping maintenance at a minimum. The tanks are available with integrated filter, calmed inlet, overflow siphon and connection for supply duct (H20 vehicle traffic duty optional).

Above ground storage tank made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or Fiberglass, UV resistant with access opening 18' diameter. Tanks are equipped with calmed inlet and overflow siphon. Aboveground tanks are free-standing and require a firm level base. Options include tie-downs and freeze protection.

Aboveground rainwater harvesting corrugated steel storage tanks consist of high strength corrugated and galvanized steel wall sheets with a pitched galvanized steel roof structure system. Installed inside is a geo-textile pre-liner either a 25 mil. or 40 mil. flexible membrane main liner for water containment. Available options include concrete or wood tower foundation and various sizes area available- from 500 to 60,000 gallons with water tight storage.

Harvest Accessories

Filter Collector (RTX-FILCA) - roofs up to 750 SF
Leaves and debris that cause sludge build up and poor water quality are removed through a stainless steel mesh, allowing the cleaned water to enter the storage tank. Easy to install into existing rectangle or round downspouts. Provides side discharge of filtered rainwater. Dirt and debris continue through the downspout. Made from tough, durable, and recyclable PE plastic. Easy to maintain with removable filter cartridge.

Compact Filter (RTX-COMFLT) – roofs up to 2100 SF
Incoming water is continuously filtered through a two stage cleaning system. The first stage removes larger debris such as leaves and other organic matter, which protects the finer second stage from clogging. After the finer particles are removed in the second stage the clean water flows into the storage tank through the calmed inlet. A small amount of water carries the dirt into the overflow of the tank. Two stage filter is easily removed for cleaning. Filter housing is made of high quality, recyclable, PE plastic, with the two stage filter material made from stainless steel.

Volume Filter (RTX-VF) - roofs up to 4500 SF
Rainwater filter for small to mid -size systems where underground installation is desired. Unique dual cascade filtration provides a high level of filtering efficiency, independent of flow rate, for roof areas to 4500 sf. Self-cleaning, low maintenance filter provides continuous filtering of dirt particles to .55mm. Extension tube is adjustable from 250mm to 750mm and includes a lid that will support pedestrian loading. Filter housing is frost resistant and made out of high quality, recyclable, PE plastic, with the secondary mesh made from stainless steel.

Vortex Fine Filter (RTX-VFF)- roofs up to 32,000 SF
Used in installations where multiple downspouts are connected together to a single pipe into the vortex filter. The Vortex Fine Filter can filter up to a 32,000 square ft. roof area for site irrigation, toilet and urinal flushing, janitorial use, laundries, fire protection, evaporative cooling tower make-up, process water or other non-potable uses. The vortex fine filter is installed in the underground piping system to remove debris to the stormwater system and divert 90% of the clean rainwater to an underground storage tank. (An above grade application is possible).

Standard Overflow Siphon (RTX-OVRFLW)
Once a maximum level is reached in the tank, the innovative overflow siphon, with its skimmer effect, removes particles lighter than water (e.g. flower pollen, oils, etc.) that float slowly to the water surface. Removing this floating layer of surface pollutants through regular overflow from the tank is important in order to maintain high quality water and allowance of oxygen diffusion at the water surface. The narrow slits in the overflow siphon prevent rodents from entering the tank.

Calmed Inlet (RTX-CI)
Water leaving the filter enters the storage tank through the ‘calmed inlet’. The inlet prevents the disturbance and re -suspension of fine sediments that gather on the bot- tom of the tank. Another important function of the inlet is the introduction of oxygen into the lower layers of the tank which maintains a fresh supply of water while preventing anaerobic conditions from forming.

Floating Intake with Hose (RTX-FSCF)
An air-filled ball suspends the floating inlet filter just below the water surface where the cleanest water resides. A high quality 1” dia flexible hose allows for connection of the floating inlet to a pump or suction line. Filter is made out of lead -free brass with a 1.2 mm stainless steel screen and a built in check valve.

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