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Fuel Tank Systems

The SuperVault MH is the first tank to pass the SwRI 95-03 Multi-Hazard test, the toughest national test for aboveground fuel tanks. Most tanks are single-hazard rated which means they can withstand a hazard (fire, bullet, impact) one time, but then have to be removed from service. The SuperVault MH has been tested for multiple exposure to fires and other hazards, plus an extended element exposure test. This means that if the SuperVault MH experiences a hazard, it may be recertified and kept in service rather than having to be replaced.

In addition to SwRI 95-03, the listing includes a 4-hour fire rating. It meets the stringent safety requirements of Uniform Fire Code Appendix Standard A-II-F-1 (UFC 79-7), SwRI Test Procedure 93-01, NFPA 30/30A, and UL 2085 Protected Tank and Interstitial Communication Test.

The SuperVault MH provides safe, aboveground storage, with the highest insulation value available in a lightweight concrete design. The unique design provides unsurpassed fire protection and ballistic resistance. Installation and handling is much easier than tanks encased in heavy weight concrete. Since the tanks are relatively lightweight, they can be shipped anywhere in the world. The insulating concrete is protected from deterioration and damage by an additional outer steel tank. The MH Series is available in two styles, cylindrical and rectangular.


MH Series Cylindrical Tanks

Available from 250 gallons to 20,000 gallons, the cylindrical line of the MH Series offers two advantages to the fleet fueling operation: larger capacities and less wasted fuel in the bottom of the tank. For example, let’s say a suction tube is cut 6” from the bottom of a fuel tank to avoid settling debris or water common with fuel storage. In a 12,000 gallon rectangular tank, the end user would have approximately 840 gallons of unusable fuel at 6”. At 6” in a 12,000 gallon cylindrical tank, the volume left is only 240 gallons. This means the owner of a 12,000 gallon SuperVault has 600 additional gallons, 71% more in the bottom 6” than larger rectangular ASTs.

Provides safe containment of fuel from multiple hazards including fire, bullets or impact.


  • 20-year transferable warranty
  • Light weight, easy to install and relocate
  • Optional precast slabs customized for SuperVault
  • Fleet of crane trucks for delivery & placement on slab
  • True “Field Testable” secondary containment
  • True 110% secondary containment
  • 4-hour fire rating
  • Bullet resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Seismic restraints part of every tank
  • External diking not required by UFC
  • Custom equipment packages factory installed - ready for use
  • Only tank listed reusable after a hazard (subject to fire official inspection

System Components

  • 16 gallon spill containment
  • Pour port
  • Monitor tube
  • Primary emergency vent
  • Secondary emergency vent
  • Shutoff valve
  • Dump valve
  • Grounding lug
  • Galvanized ship ladder (some models)
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