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Water Meter Assembly

The ParkUSA Water Meter Assembly is a product designed to monitor and measure water usage. Clean water is a valuable resource to which Americans have become dependent for all aspects of personal, recreation, and business activities. The water originates from either below ground or surface water sources. Water utilities process and distribute the water via underground water mains. Utility companies charge customers for the water usage. To monitor and meter the water usage, water meters are used to record this information. The water meter is generally located near the property line of the end-user’s facility. The meter is installed in a concrete vault for protection and accessibility.

There are various applications for water meter assemblies, including:

  • Domestic Water: Potable water for drinking and general use
  • Fire Service: Used for fire prevention systems including standpipe and sprinkler systems
  • Fire/Domestic Service: Combination domestic and fire service
  • Irrigation: Used for landscape and irrigation water service

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The current models for the ParkUSA Water Meter Assemblies are detailed below.

Combination Water Service Meter

The Combination Water Service Meter is designed for applications where fire service and drinking water supplies are fed by a single line. The design of the Combination Meter combines low-slow sensitivity of disc meters with high-flow capacity of turbine meters for an extremely wide flow range. The Combination Meter is designed to measure both domestic and fire service water usage through a single water line. This meter is required to be Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listed and Factory Mutual (FM) Approved for fire 

Applications for Combination Water Meters include; hotels, hospitals, schools, and other large water customers requiring water service through a single line.


Compound Meters are a combination of a positive displacement meter and a turbine meter designed for high metering accuracy where extremely large variations in flow are anticipated. The Compound Meter is typically installed in schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, and other installations where flow demands vary from fractional gallons to large peak-hour demands. Compound Meters are available in sizes 2” through 8”.
Applications for compound Water Meters include; medium-sized motels, hotels, schools, public buildings, large apartments, condominium complexes, hospitals, and other customers that experience both high and low water demand.


Electromagnetic Water Meters (Magmeters) are designed for measuring potable and non-potable cold water. Magmeter are used on applications such as municipal water service, reclaimed water, raw sewage, or when the meter location is difficult to reach. The Magmeter has a flow tube design that is completely non-intrusive and maintenance-free. Whereas other meters can clog and can require frequent maintenance when used in liquids with suspended solid, Magmeters have no moving parts to impede the flow.

Electromagnetic Water Meters are available up to 54” dia. The electromagnetic flow measurement technology can be used in water, wastewater, and industrial applications.

Positive Displacement

Positive Displacement Meters contain a hermetically sealed register, magnetic drive, and positive displacement measuring chamber. They are used to measures the low flows typically associated with residential and light commercial applications. Available sizes range from 5/8” through 2”.

Propeller Meters

Propeller Meters are designed for measuring potable and non-potable cold water. The Propeller Meter is recommended for applications where flows are constant within a limited range, and low flow does not occur. The Propeller Meter is an economical and versatile flow measurement solution for a wide range of water applications, and can even be used on dirty water flows.
Our Propeller Meters are available from 3” up to 36” dia. Applications for the Propeller include agricultural and turf irrigation, HVAC, marine systems, and municipal water and wastewater.

Turbine Water Meter

Turbine Water Meters utilizes a vane turbine element in the water flow stream that rotates as water flows through the meter body. The Turbine Meter is designed for domestic or fire service applications where the flow is consistently moderate to high. For fire service applications, a fire turbine water meter with a UL/FM strainer is used. Turbine Meters are available in sizes 2” through 16”.

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