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Backflow Prevention

The water supply system is designed to ensure that water flows to properties and buildings under pressure. There is a risk to public health if there is a cross-connection between the water supply and a contaminated source. If there is a pressure drop in the water main, a vacuum could be created in the water supply system. Under certain conditions this creates a siphoning effect and draws liquid from a contaminated source back into the drinking water supply.

Many building codes and jurisdictions require a backflow prevention device where these hazards exist. The design professional should consult building / code authorities for specific requirements. 

Potential cross-connection hazards are found in potable, fire-protection, irrigation, and industrial water lines. Backflow prevention devices are designed to protect the public water supply from cross-connections. A number of different property types pose a particular risk through cross connections, for example:

  • chemical plants
  • pest controllers
  • golf courses & sports venues
  • RV parks
  • greywater treatment systems
  • metal processing plants
  • manufacturing plants
  • laundries
  • nurseries & commercial garden centers
  • properties with rainwater storage

Water pressure can be affected when:

  • there is a break in the water main.
  • water is being pumped from the main water supply during a fire.
  • a customer is using water at a higher pressure than the pressure supplied.
  • heavy water use downstream reduces water pressure upstream.
  • the water outlet at the property is higher than the water main, causing constant back pressure.

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 ParkUSA Backflow preventer sizes vary by model and configurations. The standard sizes available for each model can be found below.

Double Detector Check Backflow Assembly 

Double Check Backflow Preventer 

Double Detector Check Backflow Assembly 


  • Various Models for Different Applications Available
  • Completely Pre-assembled for Easy Installation
  • Easy Maintenance 
  • Precast Concrete Class I, 4500 PSI @ 28 days Containment Vault Construction
  • Long-Lasting and Dependable Service
  • Only Certified Equipment Used for Construction 

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