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ParkUSA creates innovative products to catch, pump, count,
treat, store, clean,and preserve water for our communities
and our world.

Domestic Water

Backflow Prevention, Water Meter, Break Tank System

Fire Protection 

Backflow Prevention, Water Meter, Break Tank System

Storm Water

Stormwater Drainage, Stormwater Quality, Flow Management, Lift Stations 

Waste Water

Flow Management, Lift Stations, Wastewater Treatment, Holding Tanks, Macerator, Bar Screen, Wastewater Treatment 

Rain Water

Rainwater Harvesting, Retention, Storage, Filtration

Chemical Handling

Fuel Tanks, Mixing & Blending, Dewatering, Solids Separation

Water Meter Technology

ParkUSA is a premier distributor of top brand water meters & automatic meter reading (AMR) systems. The MeterVault™ line of water metering products has a solution for your next challenge. Our expert team of engineers and technicians stay up to date with the latest water metering technology. Contact us for your water meter needs.

Water Pump Systems

As an industry leader, ParkUSA serves the building industry with Water, Stormwater, Wastewater, and Irrigation technology. Our PumpTrooper™ brand pump systems are trusted by engineers to move their water. We can assist with design, installation, and maintenance of name brand pumps and control systems.

Wastewater FOG Pretreatment

ParkUSA is the industry leader FOG (fats, oils, & grease) pretreatment. Our flagship GreaseTrooper™ line of grease interceptors can be found on every restaurant brand in the country. We can help with eliminating fats, oils, & grease. We can also offer real-time monitoring with an extensive line of analyzers and sensors.

Laboratory Wastewater Neutralization

ParkUSA is well known for its innovations in Laboratory Wastewater Pretreatment, LabTank™. We can help with neutralization & real-time pH monitoring required by AHJ’s. ParkUSA has an extensive line of neutralization systems, analyzers and sensors.

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